Alternative Tour Ideas

  • Gay London

I’ll uncover just some of the characters from the LGBT world that have brought such colour to the area around Covent Garden and Soho. Let me tell you stories of famous names such as Oscar Wilde, Radclyffe Hall and King or rather…Queen James I!  How has LGBT culture changed over the past 100 years? How is life in the Queer City today? Why are there gay symbols on the pedestrian crossing lights at Trafalgar Square?

  •  Drink London

Let’s follow the trail of the origins of tea and coffee and not forgetting the stronger stuff in London!

Coffee houses were the Internet Chat rooms of the 17th and 18th centuries. Tea used to be luxury drink, so where does the Queen buy her tea today? Why is London is so famous for gin? London pubs are so full character, but what are the stories behind the names? Why are so many pubs built on corners?  

  • Eat London

London is now home to fantastic street food markets, award-wining restaurants and foodie shops selling everything for the kitchen. Let’s follow the food trail in London taking on a nibble or two along the way. What are the origins of Fish and Chips? What’s the meaning of a Doner kebab? Is Yorkshire Pudding sweet or savoury?


  • Sue Hyde – The Guide  Gift Vouchers

Looking for that unusual gift? Stuck for a Mother’s/Father’s Day present? Why not buy a Sue Hyde The Guide Gift Voucher and let me take your friends and family on a specialised walk in London?  Royal London for Mum? The Churchill War Rooms for Dad? Princess in London for a Day  for your niece?

Curious about a museum or art gallery, but don’t know how to get the best from it? Let me take your friends/family on a private tour and I’ll bring it alive.

Let me know their personal interest and I’ll weave it into the story of the Tower of London, the V&A museum or that walk around the City of London etc ….lots of possibilities.

Give me a call and I’ll make it an unforgettable personalised birthday present.