Do-you-know-where-you-work? Walks

Eye-opening Walks for Working Londoners

So you work in central London, but do you really know where you work? Join me on a walk to uncover the history and hidden gems in the area where you work and I promise you will never see the office location in the same way again! Let me inspire you to leave the computer, get out of the office at lunch time and GO FOR A WALK! 

  • How about inspiring your work colleagues to get out more at lunch time as part of a Health and Wellness awareness programme?
  • Want a change to the usual pint in the pub after work with mates? Then let’s go on a walk on a warm summer’s evening after work and then have a well-deserved pint at the end!
  • Do you have guests coming to the office and you want to offer them something different? A themed walk perhaps?
  • I can organise walks for VIP visitors to your office as part of a social programme.
  • Lots of ways to pay: Staff pay for themselves – Company pays half/Staff pay half – Company pays it all – This is your sales incentive plus a pub trip at the end!

Reviews for After Work Walks for Working Londoners:

  • Clerkenwell

“Hi Sue. Just wanted to drop you a line to say I really enjoyed the walk yesterday, it was SO interesting, it makes you realise how little you notice day by day.    I will definitely be inspired to explore more at lunchtimes. Am still amazed at the Clerks Well!    Just told Jamie who was on reception when you came in yesterday about it, he is on his way to Britton Street and has gone to look for it!  Ha ha. Thanks again.”  GeriOffice Administrator

  • Westminster

“Hello Sue. I wanted to thank you once again for such an informative walk. Though I have been working in the Westminster area for the last 11 months I was shocked at the depth of history that surrounded me. I haven’t been able to walk around quite the same anymore as I am remembering all your little stories and facts that you shared as we traversed through the parks and streets nearby.” Tiffany, Assistant Programme Officer