London’s Churches & Cathedrals

  • Westminster Abbey

The Royal church is still a working Anglican church at the heart of the nation and home to coronations, weddings, commemorations and final resting place of many of the great and the good of British history. Like the Tower of London, the Abbey bursts with stories:  graffiti on the Coronation Chair, wedding bouquets left on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, a Queen banging on the door during the king’s coronation, an author’s heart buried with his cat – I have these tales and many, many more at my fingertips.

A combined visit to the Abbey and the Tower of London makes a fantastic day out in London as so many of the stories connect.

  • St. Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls is an architectural dream and a joy to guide in with its huge dome and great sense of space and wonder.  Here Britain celebrates and commemorates great events and I will be proud to show it off to you.

Why not combine a visit with a walk around the City of London with its hidden passageways, secluded parks and rich history as the place where London began 2,000 years ago?