Museums & Art Galleries

London is a rich cultural hub, full of wonderful museums and art galleries and many of them are Free – yes FREE!

  • British Museum

Showcasing the history of human cultural achievement from across the world: The Parthenon Marbles, the Rosetta Stone, the Winged Bulls of Khorsabad, the Egyptian Mummies, ancient Chinese ceramics from beyond the grave, Mesopotamian board games, Lindow Man – the 2,000 year old preserved Englishman and hoards of ancient coins, tablewear and jewellery found under the soil across Britain. There is a story attached to all of these wonderous things – let me tell you on a private tour of an international treasure – The British Museum. So how did a broken piece of granite unlock the secrets to the Egyptian hieroglyphs?

The Hereford Screen- just one of my favourite things to see in the V&A.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum …lovingly known as The V&A

The world’s leading museum to art & design with ceramics, paintings, tapestries, iron works, furniture, jewellery, carpets, a life-size cast of Michelangelo’s David and even the front of a house and rooms from several houses; the list goes on and on and on.  Let me show you around the gorgeous treasures of this stunningly beautiful museum. The V&A was described as “an extremely capacious handbag” by a former Director! Let’s dive in the handbag together.

  • Museum of London – City and Docklands
Museum of London in the Docklands

How did London become London? The Museum of London has two wonderful sites dedicated to telling the story of one of the greatest cities in the world – in the City [due to re-open in 2026 in Farringdon] and in the Docklands.

  • National Gallery

Let’s go on a journey across 800 years of the development of European art from 13th century Byzantine church paintings to van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ in the late 1800s. Is van Eyck’s bride in the green dress pregnant or just a lover of fine clothes in ‘The Arnolfini Portrait’? Where is Christ’s beard in Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’?  Let’s find out.

  • Churchill War Rooms

For fans of World War II history, a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, the fascinating hidden underground control centre where Sir Winston Churchill directed the war, is a must. Two museums for the price of one as there is also a whole section dedicated to Churchill’s life.