Secrets of The Crown Walk

A Walk through Royal London with Sue Hyde the Guide

Netflix has already delivered to our screens four seasons of The Crown series. We’ve all been gripped by the stories of the early and middle years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, wondering how much is fact and how much is television fiction.

Let your professional London Blue Badge Guide Sue Hyde take you on a revealing journey through Royal London and some of the key stories as told in The Crown. We follow the route of Royal St James’s Park, past palaces and grand mansions to find real film locations and finishing at Westminster Abbey, where the actual crown was placed on the Queen’s head during her Coronation in June 1953.

How much is fact?

But what about the truth of Netflix’s The Crown? On the route, we will learn about the real characters in The Crown and find out how much really happened or how much is poetic licence to make a great television programme. What was the Queen’s formative education like? Did Prince Philip struggle to find his identity as consort?  Did King Edward VIII really give up the Crown for an American divorcee and did he have Nazi connections? How could the Queen prevent her own sister, Princess Margaret from marrying the man she loved? From Series 3, was there really a spy working inside the palace and was the British PM Harold Wilson working for the Russians? These and more stories will be revealed on Secrets of The Crown – a Walk through Royal London.

We can even learn to speak a bit of the Queen’s English!