My Story

How did I become a Blue Badge Tourist Guide?

At school I always wanted to be a Tour Guide, but in a foreign country!

I took myself off to university to study languages (Spanish and Arabic for something different). Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, the Berlin Wall was still standing in the shadow of the Soviet Union; no one had a mobile phone; a tablet was something you took for a headache and the Internet was…what?  Something for you used for fishing??

My overseas adventures including studying in Egypt and Spain then teaching English as a Foreign Language in Turkey and Bangladesh. I can still charm a waiter in his native language while ordering a Turkish kebab or a chicken curry!  I learnt that people are people wherever you live and I embraced their cultural differences and their food!

I came to London, the great metropolis, and ended up working in international sales. My first boss taught me an important lesson: people buy from people they like. After 20 years, I needed to escape the business presentations, spreadsheets and sales targets. But to do what? Yes, that’s it! I would re-train to become that Tour Guide I wanted to be at school! 

So, here I am doing my dream job. I meet different people every day; I tell them lots of stories (I make ‘em laugh, I make ‘em cry);  I never stop learning; I love revealing London’s hidden gems inside and outside and…well I generally have a lovely time. What’s not to like?

Italian students at Trafalgar Square – Summer 2016

Spot the guide!

I mostly guide in English, but I am also qualified to guide in Turkish – yes it’s true! Nasılsınız? Web sitesime hoş geldiniz!